Mohna Ansari

Mohna Ansari is well known Nepali human rights activists who serves as the only female Advocate (lawyer) from the Muslim community appointed as member of the National Women Commission in 2010. Ms Ansari was recently appointed as Commissioner in the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal.

Ms Ansari started her social career as a local journalist at a very young age reporting mainly on women and children’s issues. At the same time, she was involved with Amnesty International and women advocacy groups in the region. After passing the bar, Ms Ansari was tasked to oversee the Legal Assistance Program of the Nepal Bar Association, after which she got involved with national and international organizations such as Action Aid Nepal, UNDP, and Women’s Power Development Centre in Nepal working in the areas of women’s empowerment, equality and justice.

For her advocacy in promoting gender equality in Nepal, Ms Ansari was nominated as one of the 10 Asian women presented in the “portraits of leadership” of The Asia Foundation.

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