Punsalmaa Ochirbat

Punsalmaa Ochirbat is the former President of Mongolia and current Chair of the Ochirbat Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that focuses on poverty alleviation, education, and the environment. He also serves as a member of Mongolia’s Constitutional Court.

Ochirbat entered politics in 1972, as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mining, and held different positions in the government until 1990, when he became the first popularly elected president of Mongolia.

Ochirbat has a Ph.D. in Technical Engineering Science from the Mining Institute in Moscow and a Doctor of Science in Economics from the Mining Institute in Saint Petersburg. He has been the recipient of various honors and awards including the National Order “Polar Star”, the 50th and 60th Anniversary medals of the People’s Revolution, the Medal for Distinguished Service of Hungary and the “Mu Gun Hwan” Order of the Republic of Korea.

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