Ms. Urantsooj

Ms. Urantsooj started working in Mongolian NGO sector since 1996. She worked in the Women’s Information and Research Center as researcher until 1999, where she participated in conducting several research projects on Mongolian women’s economic status during the transition, needs and capacity assessment of Mongolian women for political participation and lead the research project on women’s access to microcredit.

In 1998, Ms. Urantsooj together with her colleagues established the Center for Human Rights and Development (CHRD). Since then she has been working for CHRD as director and chairperson. Her human rights research and advocacy work has focused on environmental issues, livelihood, civil registration and social entitlements of Mongolia’s rural herders and urban poor populations to improve relevant public policies and practices. She leads public interest litigation on environmental issues and advocates for improvement of laws and enforcement practices to protect interests of local communities. She holds Ph.D in microbiology from the Institute of Microbiology and Virology in Kiev. In 2002, she received LLM in human rights from Hong Kong University.

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